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What Matters?

September 20, 2013

Not long ago, I started listening to podcasts. I mean, I had been listening to a couple here and there for a few years, but now I actually took the time to look and see what is out there. I went in search of shows that were not only going to fit my interests, but also that would in some way be of benefit to me.


IStock_000000306141_ExtraSmallCurrently I seem to be spending most of the time listening to 2 shows in particular. One is a Chiropractic show called Spinal Column Radio. And, it’s really helped me shift my mindset on how I want to practice and want my office to run. It’s also tied me into some new doctors to listen in on, or read their books or blogs.


The other show is what really got me to thinking about this particular post. It’s called The Fizzle Show, and it’s 3 guys that actually in some ways remind me of myself and 2 of my best buddies. Their personalities just seem to match ours in a lot of ways.


Anyway, there was an episode that I heard the other day in which one of the guys, Corbett Barr, talked about a list he has of What Matters.


They discussed this list on the show, and how he came up with it. Apparently a while back there was an article circling the web talking about the top regrets of the dying. The list of regrets gave Corbett some inspiration to actually make a list of what’s important in his life. You can find the list here.


So, now they had me hooked. I couldn’t help but think of all the different things going on in my life. Ask my wife, and she would tell you that I am always coming up with something to do or some place to go. I very seldom take the time to “stop and smell the roses”.


Truthfully, I have had a lot of thought on that recently, and want to make some changes. Nonetheless, it’s part of who I am. And, I could no easier just start to turn my mind off than I could change the direction the wind blows.


But, this list gives me a different perspective. It helps me narrow down what is important to me, What Matters. And, I can use it to help me make decisions on what I really want to get involved with doing.


Now, of course, this exact list may not be what helps me to decide anything. After all, these are the things that matter to Corbett. So, I have a challenge ahead of me. First, I need to sit down and make my own list. What matters to me? Once, I come up with that, most of my decisions, and all of the big decisions, will have to stand up to the test. Will ____ stand the test of What Matters to me?



Do you have a list of What Matters to you?


September 11, 2013

I was making a quick check through Facebook earlier and saw this(pardon the language, but I think it shows a point here):




I couldn’t agree more. Often we think that we can live however we want today, and to heck with the consequences tomorrow. And, while I am all about living life to the fullest and pushing yourself and your potential, I am not all about being reckless in the way you live your day to day life.


You do only live once. But, are you living the kind of lifestyle that will allow you to keep on living to the fullest? Or, are you like the majority of our society that moves too little, eats too much, drinks too much and fills their head with negativity from TV, Internet, and “friends” that bring them down.


Life is short. Take the chances to do things. So, you’ve always wanted to travel. Do it. So, you’ve always wanted to do a Triathlon. Start training. So, you’ve always wanted to know what it was like to live like a Millionaire. Start learning about how to deal with finances.


Life is going on all around you, and there is so much to be, do, have and enjoy along the way. And, if there is at least one person in this world doing whatever it is that you want to do, then that means you can do it too. So, go out and make it happen. Do something with your life that matters.

The last few weeks have been more than a little crazy for me and my family. We went on vacation a couple of weeks back. Then toward the end of that week, my Father in Law passed unexpectedly. Along with dealing with the shock and emotions that go with that, we also had some other things happen that no family should have to deal with, especially after losing a loved one. All of this has totaled up in me not taking much if any time to exercise, and our eating has gone downhill in a hurry.


IStock_000008954668XSmallThe point of this article isn’t to get into every little detail of my life and what has happened this day or that, but it’s instead to show you that life does indeed happen to all of us.


For years, I have been preaching nutrition, exercise, positive and productive thinking, but even to someone like me, life will at times have ways of knocking us back on our heels a bit. The question becomes then, what happens when a “wellness guy” gets off track?


It happens to the best of us. Life will throw us curveballs. And, we have to respond and adapt on the fly. Often this leads to poor health choices, at least in the short term. And, the truth is that is ok. The body can handle short little lapses in eating, moving, etc. It will adapt quite easily most of the time and not even miss a beat. The key is for us to get back on track as soon as possible.


Here are a few steps that I have found helpful in my life, and in working with others through the years.


1.     First Realize the Situation for What It Is: Too often, people will beat themselves up mentally for falling out of their eating and exercise regimen. How often have you heard people say, “Well, I messed up on my eating this morning, so the rest of this day(or week, month, or even longer) is shot. I might as well go on and eat whatever and not exercise anymore.”? Understand, that you got off track for a bit, it’s not a permanent error. Just pick back up and move on. Trust me, your body would rather you get 1good(meaning healthy)  meal in a day than 3 bad ones.


2.     Start Back on Track as Fast as Possible: Often it’s as simple as just eating healthy your next meal, or taking the time to go for a walk that evening. Other times, you could be in a situation or circumstance that doesn’t lend itself to your healthy lifestyle. When that is the case, just set the date for when you are starting back. The key here is that it needs to be as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to follow through..


3.     Get Your Spouse or a Buddy Involved: Teamwork helps everyone. Sometimes, you just need people going through the same circumstances as you to make life easier. No doubt, the first few days of eating healthy or exercising will be a little harder for most people. So, make sure you have someone who is able to relate to what you are going through and hold you accountable.


These steps are primarily about nutrition and exercise, but mindset goes right along with them. Feed your mind positive, uplifting thoughts on a regular basis. The beauty is that when you think well, you tend to act(eat and move) well. Likewise, the opposite is true. When you eat and move well, you tend to think well.


Your life will be a series of changes. So, learn how to deal with situations when they pop up, and then adapt and move on. You will be amazed at the way your body will respond in turn.


Your Calling

July 31, 2013

What happens when you start something? No really. Think about it for a second. What happens when you really go ahead and take the time out of your busy life and schedule to sit down and start working on your new project, business, calling, etc.


IStock_000013887628XSmallIf you are like me, then you find a few things that seem to always come up.


First, there is that little feeling inside that asks, “Can I really do this?”. Typically this is followed by the next question which is, “Why me?” or perhaps “Who am I to try to tell others about this? And, why would they listen to me?”


Now, I will be quick to tell you that over the years I personally have harnessed quite a bit of self confidence, sometimes almost to the point that it could become a fault, yet, even still I hear these questions in my own mind. And, I hear them all the time from friends, family, patients and clients that are seeking my guidance, and probably more importantly in this particular scenario, seeking someone to believe in them.


You have to realize that when you are about to sit down and start something, there will always be something that will try to attack your mind, and in the process attack your life. Call it the Devil, call it Murphy’s Law, or any other name that we can come up with, but the fact still remains, that it’s there. And, unfortunately it gives off the persona of power. This is the part that trips up most people. They just can’t get past the idea that there will always be things that are going to come up against anything that makes their life better. And, even more if it makes the lives of others better. The greater the impact, the bigger the challenge. It’s just a fact of life. Get used to it.


But, for those souls that dare listen to that burning voice inside that  tells them to step, this is the moment of do or die.

When you feel truly led to a cause, a belief, a challenge, an enterprise, etc. that you genuinely feel is the direction God is leading you in your life, then when you see the resistance against you start to mount up, it should not phase you. It should make you feel all the stronger in your mind that the journey you are about to embark upon is yours and yours alone. No one else can do it quite the way you can. If they could, it wouldn’t be your calling.


So, you take the first step, and to your great surprise you all of the sudden see a path starting to open in front of you. You can’t see far down the path, but you can see the next step and even at times the next couple of steps.


You think to yourself, “What is happening here? Just a little bit ago, I couldn’t see anything here, but now I see steps. Where are they coming from? And, more importantly, where do they lead?”


You go on a little further. Then further still. And, eventually, you start to understand that this is God. He put the idea in your head for this project or this enterprise because He wanted it done. Still, He is not the type to force you to do anything against your own will. It’s against His nature. So, when He finds someone that actually listens to what He has to say and starts walking in that faith, then He opens steps up as they go. That, is His nature. He opens doors that appear shut. He builds bridges where the waters look too deep. All this for the sake of blessing those who hear his purpose in their heart and go in the direction He steers them.


So again, what happens when you start something? Which forces do you listen to? Do you see the path begin to open for you? If so, then good, keep moving. If not, keep looking, and trust in the fact that God will never put a burning desire in your heart, a purpose, unless He is willing to walk with you through the fire that is bound to come.

The Fight

July 16, 2013

You’re out there on the battle lines. This is the moment that you have been waiting your whole life for. You feel the exhilaration of the moment, the people and energy around you. Then, just as you start to do what you have set in your mind to do, BAM, you are hit from the back and down to the ground you go.


IStock_000019777165XSmallThe scenario described above is one that every single one of us faces in life. At some point, everything that we have been working for seems to crumble right in front of our eyes. The immature person will find every reason and rationalization for why they didn’t succeed. After all, what are they supposed to do about something or somebody they couldn’t see coming? They never grasp that this is one of the best parts of the entire game.


Stumbles are going to happen. People will let you down, intentionally or not. There will always be times of rain and storms. But, that is what makes the game fun.


If you have some big idea or goal, you have to realize that there will be challenges. You have to factor that in to how long it will take to succeed. It will also affect the cost, both financially and in time. But, if the goal is your passion, then you are willing to sacrifice. You are willing to take that chance. You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were destined to do this. You were meant to be on this particular battlefield. It’s up to you.


When you meet the 10 foot tall giant, take a good long look, then laugh in his face and hit him in the mouth. Know in advance that he may well, in fact probably will, hit you back. But, you are in the game. This is what you wanted.


Enjoying the upside is easy, but the mature person, the “Pro” accepts and comes to at least respect if not love the downside of the battle. After all, if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth your time. I mean, how fun is it really to play a game that you know you are always going to win. That’s not life. That’s not living a life of impact.

The Revolution

July 9, 2013

There is something that will always come against the man or the woman that are striving to live to their highest potential. No matter, whether you are trying to produce a Pulitzer Prize winning novel, seeking the cure for the common cold, or trying to start the next million dollar dot-com business, you will undoubtedly face this foe. Knowing that is half the battle, check that, maybe it’s a quarter of the battle because another huge part of the battle(besides the fight itself) is taking ownership and defining who exactly is the enemy.

IStock_000001313159XSmallIs it procrastination? Is it fear? Is it some veiled form of ego?

Maybe, it’s just not knowing which direction to step, although that actually can only last so long, before it becomes an excuse.

Perhaps it’s the idea that now is not the right timing. After all, there is your career to think about, or your family, or the debt you are having to pay down. But, then again, these should be all the more reason you strive to become all that you were created to be. After all, do you really want your kids to see a father or mother that didn’t do everything they possibly could to reach the best life they could live? What kind of teaching is that? “Do as I say, not as I do”, really doesn’t work so well.

Maybe it’s the idea that other’s will think that you are weird, crazy, greedy, etc. After all, we do tend to live in a culture that teaches us from the time we are babies to conform. We have to dress like the celebrities on TV. We have to keep up with all the latest slang that our classmates are using to communicate. We are told by our schools, our churches, our government, that we are free to do as we will, as long as it goes within the guidelines they set out. Still, even this is laying blame(and the power) in the laps of those that truly have no control over your life unless you give it to them.

The enemy can take many forms, all of which are aimed to keep you from bringing the best of you to the world.

Stephen Pressfield describes it as “Resistance” in The War of Art. And, he shares the purpose of this “Resistance”.

“Resistance’s goal is not to wound or disable. Resistance aims to kill. Its target is the epicenter of our being: our genius, our soul, the unique and priceless gift we were put on earth to give and that no one else has but us. Resistance means business. When we fight it, we are in a war to the death.”

The enemy will attack from within when you are trying to accomplish big things. It will subtly set up a veil of power that only you can overcome. The way to greatness is through the overcoming. It’s through the battle.

Are you becoming all that you are capable of becoming? Are you doing something big to make an impact on this world?

If not, it’s time to start a revolution.

If, Then

June 26, 2013

Do you remember going through school and having to analyze and figure those if, then statements? Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a college logic class, but I want to take your mind back there for a bit. I want to show you some simple truths that we often tend to forget in our busy day to day lives.

IStock_000016198123XSmallJust about everything in life has a cause and effect. Take for instance the fact that what we feed a plant, an animal or even a baby, has a drastic effect on what they grow into.

Let’s look at the baby for example. If a new baby gets it’s mother’s first milk(it’s called colostrum and it’s loaded with nutrition and antibodies for a new baby), it’s a scientific fact that the baby’s immune system will be stronger than if it doesn’t get the first milk. Most people know this, and will absolutely agree without any argument. It’s just a simple fact.

If we feed the baby mommy’s first milk, then the child is less likely to have health problems.

Ok, now let’s make a jump from discussing feeding babies to feeding our minds. There is an old story that goes like this:

One evening an old Cherokee Indian told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, ‘My son, the battle is between two ‘wolves’ inside us all.One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.’

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: ‘Which wolf wins?’

The old Cherokee simply replied, ‘The one you feed.’

You see, what we focus on or think primarily about, we tend to bring into our lives. If we feed our mind things like hate, violence, strife, worry, etc., our life literally starts to become full of those things, even down to a physiological level. Yet, if we feed it positive, upbeat thoughts, thoughts of love, joy, peace, etc., those things will inherently grow into our life as well.

I am not trying to pretend or get you to believe that all you have to do to have good things happen in your life, is to think positive. But, I am suggesting that if you want to grow those things, then take a close look at what you are planting. Remember, whatever you sow, you will reap. It’s a universal truth.

So, these are my questions: What are you sowing into your mind? Are you reaping what you want? And, if not, what can you change to start getting closer to what your want in your life?


Effective Vs. Efficient

June 11, 2013

Ouch, that’s about all I could say after reading part of Tim Ferriss’ book, The Four Hour Workweek.

IStock_000019289272XSmallI have always taken pride in the fact that I can be incredibly efficient when I need to get something done. In fact, I have even made the statement that I seek efficiency in everything I do. That’s why I am always looking for some new technique or way of doing things better and faster.

I thought this was a good thing. After all, I am the enterprenurial type, and we are always looking for ways to fix problems. Right?

Well, as I was reading through Tim’s book, I get to this section where he talks about the difference between effectiveness and efficiency. According to Tim, effectiveness is doing things that get you closer to your goals. Efficiency is doing a task(whether it’s important or not) in the most economical manner possible.

At first, he threw me for a loop when I read this, but then after thinking about it for a second, I realized that these 2 things are not one in the same.

You see, I can and have been very efficient many times in my life, but I have not always done what was the most effective use of my time. I have been incredibly efficient in setting up ways to get my desk cleaned up. I have been incredibly efficient in getting projects done over the years, whether it was in school, or even in business. But, was I being effective? Did me taking the time to streamline a way to get my desk cleared make me any more money. More importantly, did it actually free up any more of my time?

That is an important distinction. And, it’s one that we really have to ask ourselves if we are wanting to take our lives to the next level.

Is what you are doing today, this very moment, taking you closer to, or further away from where you want to be in your life? Answer that question honestly and see if you come up with the same response as I did. Hopefully, your ouch doesn’t hurt quite as much.

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The Day It All Changes

June 3, 2013

There are many different parts in the making of a champion life. We try to cover the major categories in life from which we believe everything else is a spinoff, whether it’s Physical, Mental, Social, Spiritual, or Financial. But, at times there are things that we like to cover that don’t necessarily fall into one of those categories, at least not a single one specifically. And, this is one of those:


The Day It All Changes

Have you ever had a time in your life when you just finally reached the point where you said, “No More!”? Have you been pushed by people, circumstances or situations until you finally felt like you were in a corner?

Well good!

There is tremendous power in that day!

You see, when you get backed into a corner, you only have 2 options. The first is to lie down, feel sorry for yourself and just keep letting life hit you. Or, you can take option number 2, and pick yourself up, look whatever is putting you there in the eye and saying, “You know what, I’m not afraid of you anymore! If that has been the best that you could do to me so far, you are in trouble. I’m still here and I’m still breathing. Now, it’s time for you to take some shots from me!”

When you get pushed to that point where you are no longer afraid, but more “ticked off”(I was trying to figure out the nicest way to say that, this wasn’t my first choice), you inherently find the strength and abilities you have to change your situation.

Suddenly, you lift your head, you look up and ask God for some guidance, and then you fight back.

It’s from situations like this that people go on to change the world.

It’s from situations like this that people go on to become millionaires.

It’s from situations like this that we raise up a whole new generation of people that will dramatically change the landscape of the world we live in.

These situations are that powerful. And, they only come along so often in life. Don’t waste them.


Have you ever reached the end of your rope with your circumstances? What did you do to change them?

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Be sure to check out these articles. And, if you find them useful, please pass this post on to your social circle. Also, if you have any resources, questions, etc., please leave a comment or shoot me an email a Have a great weekend.