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The Day It All Changes

June 3, 2013

There are many different parts in the making of a champion life. We try to cover the major categories in life from which we believe everything else is a spinoff, whether it’s Physical, Mental, Social, Spiritual, or Financial. But, at times there are things that we like to cover that don’t necessarily fall into one of those categories, at least not a single one specifically. And, this is one of those:


The Day It All Changes

Have you ever had a time in your life when you just finally reached the point where you said, “No More!”? Have you been pushed by people, circumstances or situations until you finally felt like you were in a corner?

Well good!

There is tremendous power in that day!

You see, when you get backed into a corner, you only have 2 options. The first is to lie down, feel sorry for yourself and just keep letting life hit you. Or, you can take option number 2, and pick yourself up, look whatever is putting you there in the eye and saying, “You know what, I’m not afraid of you anymore! If that has been the best that you could do to me so far, you are in trouble. I’m still here and I’m still breathing. Now, it’s time for you to take some shots from me!”

When you get pushed to that point where you are no longer afraid, but more “ticked off”(I was trying to figure out the nicest way to say that, this wasn’t my first choice), you inherently find the strength and abilities you have to change your situation.

Suddenly, you lift your head, you look up and ask God for some guidance, and then you fight back.

It’s from situations like this that people go on to change the world.

It’s from situations like this that people go on to become millionaires.

It’s from situations like this that we raise up a whole new generation of people that will dramatically change the landscape of the world we live in.

These situations are that powerful. And, they only come along so often in life. Don’t waste them.


Have you ever reached the end of your rope with your circumstances? What did you do to change them?

At Bible study last week, our Pastor was teaching on the law of sowing and reaping. In Mark 4, Jesus taught the parable of the farmer, and explained that we plant seeds in our life, and everything that we have, get, etc. comes from the seeds that we plant. The specific seed that Jesus was talking about in this parable was the Word of God, but for a believer, everything else in life springs from the Word.

IStock_000017548120XSmallBut, even if you are a non-believer, or just aren’t sure, this story still teaches us alot about human life and the way that we “come into things”. I can think of very few people that will state that we don’t reap what we sow. It’s just one of those basic laws of nature that is accepted as true.

So, just think about this: Can you imagine a farmer planting seeds, and then not expecting for something to come of them? Or, can you imagine the farmer planting seeds, and having no idea what type of crop he is expecting.

Yet, somehow, we tend to do these very things in our own lives. We spend years neglecting our bodies, neglecting our minds, neglecting our family or friends, neglecting our finances, and even neglecting our faith. Then, we tend to expect that things will turn out the way that we envisioned in our dreams. We want the nice house, with the nice car. We want the little family playing in the yard behind the picket fence. And, we want money to travel, etc.

In other words, we spent a big part of our life planting seeds that were not necessarily what we were wanting to end up with, and then we expect something different.

If we want our lives to go the way that we desire, we have to consciously make the decisions to do the things that will take us in the direction we want to go.

If we don’t like the harvest we are reaping at the moment, we just have to start changing the seeds we are planting.

And, here is the beauty of it: Most of your life results can be intentional, and you can start doing the small disciplines necessary at any point. If you want a result, then plant the seeds for it. If you are not sure which seeds to plant, then ask someone who is where you want to be in life. Study what they plant. Then, and this is the key, go out and plant in your own life. You will reap what you sow. So, make it something special. And get started today.

“Change takes time. The restoration of health takes time. The regaining of prosperity, whether by a nation or an individual, takes time. And the changing of one’s attitude, circumstance, and lifestyle takes time. You cannot demand your share of the American dream today, or this month or even this year, when the previous thirty or forty…or more years have been devoted to the planting of seeds which were clearly destined to produce just the opposite result come the time of harvest.”-The Gift by Ron Reynolds


What are some seeds that you have been planting in your life recently?

The Power of Habit

March 31, 2013

We are officially kicking off our Spring into Summer Challenge today. We are extremely excited to be doing this, and we hope that we will see some lives change dramatically as a result. It’s really amazing to me how much just doing a few small things will make a such a huge difference in your life.

Complete jenga towerAs Penny and I were putting the Point List together, we discovered some things we take for granted. We also noticed that we included some things on the list that had made a huge impact in our lives at some point, but we had for some reason just let them slip out of our lives. Very often life gets in the way it seems, or the Law of Familiarity sets in and good habits can go by the wayside.

One of the best parts of making a list is that it really forces you to take the time to sit down and focus on your life. I mean, when was the last time that you looked at all of your habits? When was the last time you took a personal inventory of the little things that you think or do daily in life? Did you realize that your habits make up the majority of your life?

Science tells us that we tend to repeat the same set of habits every 7–10 days at a minimum. We repeat our diet. We repeat the clothes we wear. We repeat our exercise routine. We repeat our work routine. And, if you are anything like me, you very often end up at work in the morning not even sure how you got there. The path you take is so ingrained that you could almost make it blindfolded.

So, if this is the case, doesn’t it make sense for us to re-evaluate the habits that got us where we are today? I believe this challenge is going to help Penny and I, as well as many others start to see some of the small things that we all do daily that are good, bad, or neither. But, more importantly, I think that it’s going to spur us on the right track and allow us to achieve a whole new level in our lives.

Join us for the Challenge and see what your life will look like during and after the next couple of months.


What is one daily habit that you have that makes a huge difference in your day?


IStock_000013494357XSmallLast week I had the privilege of being interviewed by Marcus Aurelius live on Marcus has a show called I Don’t Want to be Fat on Friday’s at 10am Central. We spoke about how I as a Chiropractor communicate with my patients to become as healthy as they can possibly be. We also touched on topics of training, and part of the purpose and vision of Designing A Champion. Listen in and please give us some feedback. Also, if you or anyone you know would like to do an interview or have me come speak for your group or organization, email me at Thank you and God Bless!

Several years ago I remember hearing a talk about the value of learning from others that are already where you want to go in life. In this particular talk, the speaker gave a great analogy that has stuck in my mind ever since. He stated that he had a group of mentors that he moreless thought of as his own personal “Board of Directors”. They would each have a part in guiding his decisions in life to help him get to the place that he wanted to be.

Not long after hearing that, I sat down and thought about who I wanted to be on my own personal “Board of Directors”. I thought about who I looked up to as far as how they did business. I thought about who I would like to be more like from a health standpoint, from a social standpoint, from a spiritual standpoint, from a family standpoint, and of course from a financial standpoint. And, I wanted to make sure that I only picked the very best for my “Board”, as I planned on sticking with them for the long run. I would look up to their guidance on decision making, but also on how to just live in different areas of my life.

IStock_000002428558XSmallWhy is this important? The answer is really quite simple. There are truly very few things that you can do in life that someone else is not already doing, at least to some extent. Therefore, if you have a direction you want to go in life, doesn’t it make sense to learn from watching someone else already there? Doesn’t it make sense to use their experience to help avoid some of the various pitfalls in life that would otherwise be inevitable?

So now that “why” is answered, let’s get to the how. How do you come up with this group of people? And, do you have to be able to talk to them on a regular basis, or even personally know them, etc? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Think Big-If you are wanting to do big things in life, then find people that are also big thinkers. One of the most freeing things here is that you actually don’t even have to know the person. Say, for instance, you wanted to be able to become a fitness guru. You could find out everything you wanted to know about Todd Durkin. You could sign up for his blog. You could watch his YouTube videos. You could attend conferences where he is teaching. The list goes on, and you could do the same thing with any other area of your life.
  • Pick a Variety-Many times we tend to focus in on one area of our life, leaving everything else to start crumbling or at best just stay the same. If you want to truly grow, you have to develop every area of your life. Yes, you can focus on a specific area or 2 for a while, but if you never pay attention to the rest, you will quickly become unbalanced. This leads to decline eventually, and then even burnout. So, the key here is to pick a variety of people to guide you in different areas. For instance, you may pick Donald Trump for his business acumen, but not for his spiritual life. For that you may look to your pastor or Joel Osteen for example.
  • Be Adaptable-This is an important key for any form of success in life. You have to be able to always look at where you are and where you are going, and then make necessary adjustments at times. I personally have found that I have about 7 core people on my “board”, and as I am reaching out and learning, I have added a couple of new people along the way. Sometimes, as you go through life experiences, your view changes. Sometimes your priorities change as well. It’s a great idea to always be on the lookout for new people to help you along your journey.


Do you have a personal “Board of Directors”? Who are some of the people that hold that honor in your life?

Suggested Reads of the Week

November 15, 2012

Take Ownership of Your Life in 4 Steps One of my favorite blogs belongs to Michael Hyatt. He has really helped me figure out how to work more on my writing and my businesses. Here is a guest post on his blog that will help you take a good look at your life, and show you some ways to make it more of what you want. Although I haven’t had a chance to go through her blog much yet, I can clearly tell she has a great story and some good material.

The Tyranny of Motivation Here is a great article from Dr. Jonny Bowden on what motivation is and what it can and cannot do for you. Sometimes you can’t worry about how you feel about something, you just need to take the action you know to be right.

Documentary Reveals How the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Conspire to Maintain a Failing Business Model This movie will only be available for free on Dr. Mercola’s site for a short time, so make sure you go watch it. It partly has to do with Chiropractic and all of the nonsense that people believe and have bought into over the years due to the AMA’s false allegations in the past, but it also give you more of an idea of who is really running “healthcare” today and hopefully lead you to understand some ways it can be fixed.

Don’t miss it… oh wait… shoot there it goes… Maybe it’s because I just became a dad last week, or perhaps it’s because over the last few years, through a series of events I will eventually share on this blog, I have truly learned to appreciate every single second of my life, and I want to live it for all it’s worth, but this post on my friend TJ’s site really hit home with me this week.



November 13, 2012



“One of these days, I…”, “Tomorrow, I…”, “If I ever get the chance, I…”

How often do you hear any variation of these phrases throughout the day? More importantly, how often do you say them yourself? Very often, we tend to sit back and tell ourselves, our families, and our friends, “Someday, things will be different.” In itself, this is not a bad thing to think or say, but the more vital part, the most crucial part of this is to say “when” things will be different. All to often, we find ourselves going through life with every intention of starting that exercise program, starting to eat better, starting to read more, starting to put some money away every month, and on and on. Then we suddenly stop and take a look at our life and a lot of “somedays” have passed us by.

You see, time will pass whether you start toward your goal or not. Five years from now, you will be five years older, and what do you expect to be different? Don’t fall into the trap that just because five years pass that all of the sudden things will change for you. They won’t. You have to start today; this very second if at all possible to move your life, your health, your intellect, your faith, and your finances to a different place five years from now. If you want something to change, you MUST DECIDE to change it.

Years ago, I heard the saying, “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” The same is true for your life. The Law of Compound Interest is always at work. Investing a little bit in yourself today will take you to a place or situation later in life. When you decide to make little steps today to improve your health, your intellect, etc., it will propel you forward later. Likewise, if you take small steps today that have even a small negative impact on your health, intellect, etc., it will manifest itself with bigger problems down the road, especially if you keep letting yourself slip ever so slightly on a daily or weekly basis. So, today use the power of time and the Law of Compound Interest to your benefit. Take the time to make a small step in the right direction, and then do it again tomorrow. You will then be able to look up in five years and be amazed at what a difference a little bit of effort and time made in your life.  After all five years is five years.

It’s Only a 4 Letter Word

October 25, 2012

It's Only a Four Letter Word


There is a word that brings all sorts of emotions and responses to the table. It’s a word that can be so powerful, that if used the right way, can literally make someone’s life change on a dime, or if used the wrong way, can make even the toughest of men and women cringe in fear. It’s a word that lots of people have used to make their fortunes over the last 2-3 decades, and even our current political powers-that-be are using to their political advantage. What is that word? …………………………………….Diet

Now, that I threw that out there at you, let’s bring you back into focus and take your mind off of The Biggest Loser, P90X, or even Sweatin’ to the Oldies. I am not going to give you the same old song and dance about how you need to cut out carbs, or cut out fats, etc. Yes, there is a place for people to learn what kind of junk most Americans put in their bodies today, and it’s vitally important that people take what they eat seriously.

But, that being said, I have learned that with anything the key is to start off simple. Rather than tell someone all the things they can’t have(this is extremely ineffective, just ask any parent) I prefer to tell you all the things you can do, and should do. So, here are a few quick and easy suggestions to help you get started on eating healthier:

1. Eat More Often. Most people that I speak with that have a problem with weight control, thyroid issues, diabetes, etc., spend less time eating than they should. Most of the time I find out they eat once or twice a day at best. Contrary to an article that I read the other day, this slows the metabolism down. Not only that, but really more importantly it affects the insulin/blood sugar cycle negatively and promotes insulin resistance.

2. Eat Fresh or Frozen. The longer the shelf life in a can, the more likely that it’s loaded with preservatives. Check the label and you will be surprised at just how much sodium is in a can of green beans.

3.  Find Something You Like and Stick With It. The average person repeats their basic diet every 7-10 days. Variety is the spice of life, but I would prefer that you find a healthier food that you like and eat it more often, than to go back to eating a “bad” food pattern.

4.  Even If You Add a Good Food to a Bad Diet, It’s Still Better That at Least You Get the Good Food In. This is a big one for people. I often have taught during some of my health lectures, that if you only like grapes, then for goodness sakes, get more grapes into your diet. It’s a fact that while a Twinkie will do damage to your body, you will get some benefit out of eating grapes(for example) with it. The goal then is to start adding other healthy foods until you can force some of the bad ones out of your eating pattern. It may take time, but it works.

Lastly, diet doesn’t have to be a dirty word.  It refers to what you consume to use for fuel in your body. So, don’t let yourself get worked up when someone tells you about their new diet. Just get started with these few simple suggestions today, and you will find, often they will come asking you what kind of diet you are on, because you will be looking and feeling good. Good fuel equates to good living.


Which one of the suggestions above would be easiest to start today?