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The Day It All Changes

June 3, 2013

There are many different parts in the making of a champion life. We try to cover the major categories in life from which we believe everything else is a spinoff, whether it’s Physical, Mental, Social, Spiritual, or Financial. But, at times there are things that we like to cover that don’t necessarily fall into one of those categories, at least not a single one specifically. And, this is one of those:


The Day It All Changes

Have you ever had a time in your life when you just finally reached the point where you said, “No More!”? Have you been pushed by people, circumstances or situations until you finally felt like you were in a corner?

Well good!

There is tremendous power in that day!

You see, when you get backed into a corner, you only have 2 options. The first is to lie down, feel sorry for yourself and just keep letting life hit you. Or, you can take option number 2, and pick yourself up, look whatever is putting you there in the eye and saying, “You know what, I’m not afraid of you anymore! If that has been the best that you could do to me so far, you are in trouble. I’m still here and I’m still breathing. Now, it’s time for you to take some shots from me!”

When you get pushed to that point where you are no longer afraid, but more “ticked off”(I was trying to figure out the nicest way to say that, this wasn’t my first choice), you inherently find the strength and abilities you have to change your situation.

Suddenly, you lift your head, you look up and ask God for some guidance, and then you fight back.

It’s from situations like this that people go on to change the world.

It’s from situations like this that people go on to become millionaires.

It’s from situations like this that we raise up a whole new generation of people that will dramatically change the landscape of the world we live in.

These situations are that powerful. And, they only come along so often in life. Don’t waste them.


Have you ever reached the end of your rope with your circumstances? What did you do to change them?

As I have mentioned mutliple times lately, I have really gotten into listening to a bunch of different podcasts as well as finding new blogs to check out, etc. And, yesterday as I was listening to Amy Porterfield’s podcast(find it here), I was introduced to a lady that I had been hearing some about through various other blogs and podcasts. This woman apparently has had a huge impact on many of the up and comers in the business world, so I was glad to finally hear her in an interview. Her name is Marie Forleo.

IStock_000016390963XSmallMarie has quite a resume behind her in that she has literally built an empire from scratch. And, the best part of this is that she has done it her way. She has been true to what she is all about and has had tremendous success as a result. She has been featured on Oprah. Richard Branson is a huge fan. Tony Robbins is a fan. And, on the list goes. She has written a book, done seminars, consulting and even has her own business online training program called BSchool. She also has what she calls Marie TV, which from what I have been able to tell so far is primarily a YouTube show in which she gives great advice on personal development, business, etc.

I checked out her site, watched a few videos, and I have to say I am impressed. Marie has a great energy about her and just seems to make useful information easy to learn and accept. So, I will definitely be checking out more of her content.

As much as I love coming across new sources of information and new people to listen to, read, etc., what makes me even more excited is when I have someone that I can relate to a little bit.

There’s no doubt that several of the other bloggers and podcasters that I have mentioned on this blog recently I can relate to, but this one seemed to have hit me a little different. I think that there are a couple of reasons for that.

1. Honestly she reminds me in alot of ways of Penny. Penny is also high energy and has a way of connecting with people that makes you just want to sit and listen to what she has to say. Also, both ladies backgrounds are similar in alot of ways. And, from what I can tell so far, they have very similar passions. So, with Penny and I getting this business up and running, it’s exciting to see someone is already successful doing some things that are similar to what we are wanting to accomplish.

2. The other reason that I was struck by this particular interview was that she mentioned a phrase she has coined as a “multipassionate entrepreneur”. She went on to explain that when she was trying to get her business going she kept listening to all the “experts” saying to find one thing you are passionate about and focus on it. She went on to say that it just didn’t work for her. She was passionate about too many different things. So she moreless went against the norm and branched out a bit more.

Penny and I both can totally relate to this. That has been one thing that I think made Designing A Champion a little hard to explain at first, because although there is one primary goal, which is helping people to become more and to bring back the human spirit that made this country great, we approach this from multitude of ways. We are too passionate about too many different things, all of which impact the spirit of a person, and in turn their life, to just focus on one area. We want people to learn to think well, be fit, be sociable, be spiritual, and be financially sound. All of these impact every other area of life in one way or the other, and they intertwine even among themselves. All of these are important, and all are places we want to help touch people’s lives.

Sometimes it pays to go against what the “experts” have to say. Sometimes, we have to be willing to be different from the average. The “average” lifestyle in America is killing us physically, but even more important, it’s killing the spirit of our country.

We need more people that aren’t willing to settle for the average life.

We just aren’t willing to be average. And, we are searching for others that don’t want to be average either.


What are your passions? Are you pursuing those passions?

For years I fought the urge to get into the podcasting and blog world. And, truthfully I can’t even really give a good reason why. There are so many great resources out there, and one of the things that I love about the Blogosphere is that the information never stops.

IStock_000013078634XSmallMaybe that is part blessing and part curse. There is literally more information being put out everyday. And very often the info is very good and the podcasters/writers are able to back up what they speak or write about. Still there is always that small percentage that actually give wrong, or just flat out bad information.

The trick is to know which ones are the quality podcasts/blogs. So, here are some of my criteria:

  • Considered by many to be an expert in their subject. Often showing success in an area before they ever podcasted/blogged about it.
  • Consistently put out high quality material. I value my time too much to read or listen in to something that I feel is a waste of time.
  • Someone I can relate to in some way, shape, or form.
  • This is probably the most important: They are recommended by someone else that I either know personally, someone that I follow/read/listen to, and someone that I trust. If they fit these criteria, they have my attention, and I will always at least check them out to see if they fit me.

That being said, I have now really dived headfirst into the Podcasting/Blogosphere world, and I am finding lots of quality sources out there. Personally, I spend most of my time looking for sources that are going to help me improve my life and in turn help me to help others. That being said, here are 3 Podcasts/Blogs that I have been taking in and highly recommend them to you:

1. The Entreleadership Podcast-This was really the one that I started listening to on podcast first. It’s put out by Dave Ramsey’s company and is hosted by Chris Locurto(you can find his blog here). Chris does an awesome job taking you through Dave’s principles, and he interviews authors,leaders, business people about how they run their businesses and daily lives. If you want to become a leader, or a better leader, you need to listen to this one.

2. This Is Your Life-The Entreleadership Podcast turned me on to this one by Michael Hyatt(find his blog here). Michael is the former CEO of Thomas Nelson publishing. But, in the last 2 years, he has decided to go out on his own and has built up a huge following as a speaker, business leader, as well as being an author himself. Michael’s podcast is about leadership, business, and life. He gives loads of great information on ways to improve yourself, your business, your family, and just about anything else. I have gotten so much from Michael’s content, that I couldn’t even write about all of it here. Definitely check him out.

3. The Smart Passive Income Podcast-Guess how I found out about Pat Flynn(find his blog here). If you guessed Michael Hyatt you are correct. I just recently started listening in to Pat’s podcast about a month or 2 ago. Since then, I have had numerous ideas on how to design the life that Penny and I want to have. Pat’s content is primarily about how to generate a passive income with online business, and he has loads of great information about the various ways to do so. Another thing that I really like about Pat is that he is very transparent about how he makes money on the web. In other words, he not only shows you various ways to make money, but he shows you the proof of how he is doing so. While the info is primarily about internet business, it’s valuable in businesses that are not on the web in a number of ways as well. So, be sure to give it a listen.

Although these 3 are primarily leadership/business oriented blogs and podcasts, they provide a huge amount of information that is just helpful in all areas of your life. I can’t recommend them enough.

In closing, I think that this may possibly be a regular post for me periodically as well. When I come across some new info out there(involving any area of life and/or business), I will be sure to let you know. Until then, be sure to read our posts on More Great Resources(Formerly called Things You Should Read), and again, make sure to go check out the guys listed above.


What are some of your favorite sources of information on the web(blogs, podcasts, etc.)?



At Bible study last week, our Pastor was teaching on the law of sowing and reaping. In Mark 4, Jesus taught the parable of the farmer, and explained that we plant seeds in our life, and everything that we have, get, etc. comes from the seeds that we plant. The specific seed that Jesus was talking about in this parable was the Word of God, but for a believer, everything else in life springs from the Word.

IStock_000017548120XSmallBut, even if you are a non-believer, or just aren’t sure, this story still teaches us alot about human life and the way that we “come into things”. I can think of very few people that will state that we don’t reap what we sow. It’s just one of those basic laws of nature that is accepted as true.

So, just think about this: Can you imagine a farmer planting seeds, and then not expecting for something to come of them? Or, can you imagine the farmer planting seeds, and having no idea what type of crop he is expecting.

Yet, somehow, we tend to do these very things in our own lives. We spend years neglecting our bodies, neglecting our minds, neglecting our family or friends, neglecting our finances, and even neglecting our faith. Then, we tend to expect that things will turn out the way that we envisioned in our dreams. We want the nice house, with the nice car. We want the little family playing in the yard behind the picket fence. And, we want money to travel, etc.

In other words, we spent a big part of our life planting seeds that were not necessarily what we were wanting to end up with, and then we expect something different.

If we want our lives to go the way that we desire, we have to consciously make the decisions to do the things that will take us in the direction we want to go.

If we don’t like the harvest we are reaping at the moment, we just have to start changing the seeds we are planting.

And, here is the beauty of it: Most of your life results can be intentional, and you can start doing the small disciplines necessary at any point. If you want a result, then plant the seeds for it. If you are not sure which seeds to plant, then ask someone who is where you want to be in life. Study what they plant. Then, and this is the key, go out and plant in your own life. You will reap what you sow. So, make it something special. And get started today.

“Change takes time. The restoration of health takes time. The regaining of prosperity, whether by a nation or an individual, takes time. And the changing of one’s attitude, circumstance, and lifestyle takes time. You cannot demand your share of the American dream today, or this month or even this year, when the previous thirty or forty…or more years have been devoted to the planting of seeds which were clearly destined to produce just the opposite result come the time of harvest.”-The Gift by Ron Reynolds


What are some seeds that you have been planting in your life recently?

Have you ever wondered how the wealthy seem to have so many things come into their lives to help them just to keep on making more money? Have you ever wondered how they possibly could have enough time in their day to make millions or even billions of dollars? If there was one key secret that you could learn to master to help bring some of that fortune into your life, wouldn’t you like to know about it? Well, here is the answer to long term, sustainable wealth:

It’s called Passive Income.

IStock_000010008693XSmallWhat is Passive Income? It’s essentially money that comes to you long term for work that you did days, weeks, months or even years ago. It’s money that you have to spend very little, if any, extra time to keep coming to your bank account, once you have finished the initial work. And it’s something that anyone can earn.

For years, we have been told to save up and allow the power of compound interest work for us through savings, CD’s, 401K’s, etc. And, of course it’s a wise thing to do. Yes, those are all definite sources of Passive Income, but they are not the only way to earn money passively. Moreso, they are definitely not the most efficient way to build a fortune. I mean, think about this. Have you ever heard Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, or Bill Gates talk about how much they have in their 401K or their savings accounts? No, you haven’t and you probably never will. While I can assure you they  put money into a savings plan of some sort, and they realize that this plan will earn them cash, it won’t be on a grand scale the way they desire. That’s why they build businesses, invest in businesses, create products or services, etc. They constantly are looking for new opportunities to feed another stream of income into their bank accounts. They are willing to put in some time up front working on these opportunities, with the understanding that down the road, they will continue to reap benefits from it.

This has long been the primary reason that the rich, “keep getting richer”. They understand how money works, and they understand how to make it work for them. And, as I stated earlier, the beauty of this, is that anyone can do this. There have been resources out there for years to show us how to make it happen. It’s just a matter of taking the time to learn, and to be willing to put in the effort.

So what are some ways that you could start earning some Passive Income? Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Savings, CD’s, IRA’s, 401K’s: All of these are savings plans, and are vital to have in place as a base layer of building your wealth. Definitely start the process here, but if you want to really build wealth for yourself and your family, move past this layer as soon as possible.
  2. Investments: Technically, IRA’s and 401K’s could fall in this category, but they are not really a form of active investing. In active investing(don’t get this confused with Active Income which is where you are trading your hours for dollars) the investor seeks out opportunities from stocks, bonds, real estate, businesses, etc. They put some money into these things with the idea of getting more money based on the amount of the risk they are taking. You should always have some of this type of Passive Income source in your portfolio.
  3. Building Businesses: This, at least in my opinion, is the most interesting and fun category of all. It’s also where I spend the majority of my time and efforts personally. One of the beauties of this area is that you have more control over how much income will come from these sources. You have the ability to choose a specific product or service that will earn you some cash. You can decide whether you want to market to a big group, like Facebook for instance. Or, you can choose to market to a smaller group, like quilters for example. The point is, you get to choose. And with the internet, it’s easier than ever, and much cheaper to start a business.

Side Note: I personally have been starting to learn how to create some Passive Income streams on the internet. There is so much opportunity out there and I am excited to pursue it. If you are interested as well, one great source I highly recommend is Pat Flynn’s, Smart Passive Income Blog. Pat has a ton of information on his site, and he is very transparent about how to do alot of different things. He also has a great Podcast that is well worth your time to listen in to as well. So, check him out.

Whether you want to just earn some extra money or if you are really looking into creating wealth for yourself and your family. I highly recommend starting to understand more ways that you can earn a Passive Income. Find some things that you can enjoy getting into, spend some time doing some research, and then most importantly get started.


Do you currently have any streams of Passive Income? What is your favorite way to earn Passive Income?

The Power of Habit

March 31, 2013

We are officially kicking off our Spring into Summer Challenge today. We are extremely excited to be doing this, and we hope that we will see some lives change dramatically as a result. It’s really amazing to me how much just doing a few small things will make a such a huge difference in your life.

Complete jenga towerAs Penny and I were putting the Point List together, we discovered some things we take for granted. We also noticed that we included some things on the list that had made a huge impact in our lives at some point, but we had for some reason just let them slip out of our lives. Very often life gets in the way it seems, or the Law of Familiarity sets in and good habits can go by the wayside.

One of the best parts of making a list is that it really forces you to take the time to sit down and focus on your life. I mean, when was the last time that you looked at all of your habits? When was the last time you took a personal inventory of the little things that you think or do daily in life? Did you realize that your habits make up the majority of your life?

Science tells us that we tend to repeat the same set of habits every 7–10 days at a minimum. We repeat our diet. We repeat the clothes we wear. We repeat our exercise routine. We repeat our work routine. And, if you are anything like me, you very often end up at work in the morning not even sure how you got there. The path you take is so ingrained that you could almost make it blindfolded.

So, if this is the case, doesn’t it make sense for us to re-evaluate the habits that got us where we are today? I believe this challenge is going to help Penny and I, as well as many others start to see some of the small things that we all do daily that are good, bad, or neither. But, more importantly, I think that it’s going to spur us on the right track and allow us to achieve a whole new level in our lives.

Join us for the Challenge and see what your life will look like during and after the next couple of months.


What is one daily habit that you have that makes a huge difference in your day?


IStock_000013494357XSmallLast week I had the privilege of being interviewed by Marcus Aurelius live on Marcus has a show called I Don’t Want to be Fat on Friday’s at 10am Central. We spoke about how I as a Chiropractor communicate with my patients to become as healthy as they can possibly be. We also touched on topics of training, and part of the purpose and vision of Designing A Champion. Listen in and please give us some feedback. Also, if you or anyone you know would like to do an interview or have me come speak for your group or organization, email me at Thank you and God Bless!

Several years ago I remember hearing a talk about the value of learning from others that are already where you want to go in life. In this particular talk, the speaker gave a great analogy that has stuck in my mind ever since. He stated that he had a group of mentors that he moreless thought of as his own personal “Board of Directors”. They would each have a part in guiding his decisions in life to help him get to the place that he wanted to be.

Not long after hearing that, I sat down and thought about who I wanted to be on my own personal “Board of Directors”. I thought about who I looked up to as far as how they did business. I thought about who I would like to be more like from a health standpoint, from a social standpoint, from a spiritual standpoint, from a family standpoint, and of course from a financial standpoint. And, I wanted to make sure that I only picked the very best for my “Board”, as I planned on sticking with them for the long run. I would look up to their guidance on decision making, but also on how to just live in different areas of my life.

IStock_000002428558XSmallWhy is this important? The answer is really quite simple. There are truly very few things that you can do in life that someone else is not already doing, at least to some extent. Therefore, if you have a direction you want to go in life, doesn’t it make sense to learn from watching someone else already there? Doesn’t it make sense to use their experience to help avoid some of the various pitfalls in life that would otherwise be inevitable?

So now that “why” is answered, let’s get to the how. How do you come up with this group of people? And, do you have to be able to talk to them on a regular basis, or even personally know them, etc? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Think Big-If you are wanting to do big things in life, then find people that are also big thinkers. One of the most freeing things here is that you actually don’t even have to know the person. Say, for instance, you wanted to be able to become a fitness guru. You could find out everything you wanted to know about Todd Durkin. You could sign up for his blog. You could watch his YouTube videos. You could attend conferences where he is teaching. The list goes on, and you could do the same thing with any other area of your life.
  • Pick a Variety-Many times we tend to focus in on one area of our life, leaving everything else to start crumbling or at best just stay the same. If you want to truly grow, you have to develop every area of your life. Yes, you can focus on a specific area or 2 for a while, but if you never pay attention to the rest, you will quickly become unbalanced. This leads to decline eventually, and then even burnout. So, the key here is to pick a variety of people to guide you in different areas. For instance, you may pick Donald Trump for his business acumen, but not for his spiritual life. For that you may look to your pastor or Joel Osteen for example.
  • Be Adaptable-This is an important key for any form of success in life. You have to be able to always look at where you are and where you are going, and then make necessary adjustments at times. I personally have found that I have about 7 core people on my “board”, and as I am reaching out and learning, I have added a couple of new people along the way. Sometimes, as you go through life experiences, your view changes. Sometimes your priorities change as well. It’s a great idea to always be on the lookout for new people to help you along your journey.


Do you have a personal “Board of Directors”? Who are some of the people that hold that honor in your life?

I have been a follower of Dave Ramsey to some extent for a while now. He puts out a great product, employs people that share the same vision as he does, and helps grow members of his team into leaders. It started for me by hearing about this guy that was teaching Financial Peace University in the church I happened to be going to at the time. I had no idea what the heck he was talking about, and honestly at that point couldn’t have cared less. I was in my 20’s and knew everything there was to know about finances(yeah right). Well, I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention a that point, but over the years, I kept hearing more about Dave Ramsey this and Dave Ramsey that. I finally happened to catch part of his radio show one day and then he had my attention.

IStock_000004301781XSmallBy that point in my life, I had finished college, gone to Chiropractic School, opened my own business and lived for a while supporting my lifestyle on credit cards. I put myself in further debt for the aforementioned business. I did so many things that in hindsight, were not the smartest decisions to make, but nonetheless, I went ahead with my life.

After a few years of chasing my financial tail, I started thinking that maybe, just maybe, I ought to give this idea of getting rid of debt a try. Now, I will be honest here and say that I am still digging out of that hole, but at least I am on the right track. I see debt for what it is, a parrot that will sits on your shoulder, squawks at you periodically, and eventually will mess all over you if you don’t get rid of it. I won’t pretend that Dave and I are 100% in agreement on everything, but truthfully I am with him enough that I am willing to at least listen to what he has to say.

That brings me to where I currently am with Dave. I have read Financial Peace University. I am a regular listener to the Entreleadership podcast. I frequent Chris Locurto’s blog as well as Jon Acuff’s, and I am just finally getting a chance to start reading the book, Entreleadership. That brings me back to the title of this post. There are a few things that I really like about Dave:

  • Consistency-Dave has been following his own advice for 20 years or so now, not ever wavering on the principles that he believes in and teaches.
  • Straight Spokeness-As I stated earlier, I am not alway 100% with him, but you know exactly where Dave stands on any subject he speaks about. He doesn’t beat around the bush, he just comes on out and says what he thinks.
  • Courage-Dave has consistently(there’s that word again) gone against what so many other people and businesses tell you is the normal acceptable thing to do. He’s not afraid to go against the grain a little bit when he knows his principles work.
  • Leadership-Dave lives what he preaches of course, and that is part of his leadership, but what I am hearing and seeing more and more of since getting into the Entreleadership movement is that Dave leads by building leaders. He wants people that will buy into his vision and will run with him, but he also seems to want people that have their own drive as well. He doesn’t seem to be looking for “yes men”. That can be quite challenging as a leader and as an entrepreneur, and I can relate to both.

I am sure as I keep reading and listening to more of his material, I will continue to see more of these same traits in Dave. It’s nice to be able to see that kind of consistency in someone that makes headlines in business and in the media. So to Dave and his team, great job guys! I hope to be able to make it to one your events soon, and maybe even eventually bring a team of my own. Until then keep the good stuff coming!


Have you had any effects in your life from the teachings of Dave Ramsey?


November 13, 2012



“One of these days, I…”, “Tomorrow, I…”, “If I ever get the chance, I…”

How often do you hear any variation of these phrases throughout the day? More importantly, how often do you say them yourself? Very often, we tend to sit back and tell ourselves, our families, and our friends, “Someday, things will be different.” In itself, this is not a bad thing to think or say, but the more vital part, the most crucial part of this is to say “when” things will be different. All to often, we find ourselves going through life with every intention of starting that exercise program, starting to eat better, starting to read more, starting to put some money away every month, and on and on. Then we suddenly stop and take a look at our life and a lot of “somedays” have passed us by.

You see, time will pass whether you start toward your goal or not. Five years from now, you will be five years older, and what do you expect to be different? Don’t fall into the trap that just because five years pass that all of the sudden things will change for you. They won’t. You have to start today; this very second if at all possible to move your life, your health, your intellect, your faith, and your finances to a different place five years from now. If you want something to change, you MUST DECIDE to change it.

Years ago, I heard the saying, “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” The same is true for your life. The Law of Compound Interest is always at work. Investing a little bit in yourself today will take you to a place or situation later in life. When you decide to make little steps today to improve your health, your intellect, etc., it will propel you forward later. Likewise, if you take small steps today that have even a small negative impact on your health, intellect, etc., it will manifest itself with bigger problems down the road, especially if you keep letting yourself slip ever so slightly on a daily or weekly basis. So, today use the power of time and the Law of Compound Interest to your benefit. Take the time to make a small step in the right direction, and then do it again tomorrow. You will then be able to look up in five years and be amazed at what a difference a little bit of effort and time made in your life.  After all five years is five years.