More Great Resources This Week 5/10/13

May 10, 2013

Here is a roundup of some of my favorite articles from the last week or so:

What’s Keeping You From Being Great? : This is actually from about a couple of weeks ago, but I just got to see it earlier this week. If you aren’t inspired by this, you don’t have a pulse. 

The Jordan Effect: Where can politeness and genuine concern for others get you in life? This is a fascinating article told in a way only Andy Andrews can teach.


The Art of Settling: Great article from Todd Durkin on how we tend to settle for less than the best in life, and some insight on why we settle.


Be sure to check out these articles. And, if you find them useful, please pass this post on to your social circle. Also, if you have any resources, questions, etc., please leave a comment or shoot me an email a Have a great weekend.


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